Our story

We started CoconutProductPhotography.com in 2014 with the goal of taking awesome product photos that increase our customers’ sales on Amazon, eBay or their online stores. Since then, we have been working with hundreds of successful businesses across the United States.

We have now re-branded our business as DigitalCohort.com to offer a broader range of services including website design (using and Django), SEO and Marketing Automation Services. Our Goal is to help you launch and grow your online (eCommerce) business at a reasonable cost.

Product Photography

Digital Cohort is based in Lynnwood, Washington. Our photography studio is equipped with professional cameras and lenses, and we know how to make the best out of them. All images would be sharp and vivid, of the best imaginable quality, and we try to make them as creative as possible. After all, what is photography if you don’t add an artistic feel to it?

For Product Photography, you can send in your products by mail directly to our studio (located in Lynnwood Washington), and we will do a photography session with your product, and send it back along with your desired amount of pictures. Anyone living in the Seattle area or near our office can drop off their products themselves and save the mail costs.

All the product pictures we shoot are captured before a white background, which is usually preferred in product photography as it brings out the product vividly and clearly. We are also open to other queries and suggestions, so do not hesitate to do so. Attention to small detail makes things perfect, anyway. The pictures sent to you will also be altered and edited slightly to truly bring them out as professional and bright. So if you need high-quality images of your product to advertise it or display it, we’ll gladly do it for you.

Web Design

Our goal is not only taking professional product photos, but also developing eCommerce websites that can attract and convert potential customers. We use Django (Python) as one of the most leading eCommerce platforms. Check out Website Design section for more details.

Our team

sepideh maleki founder and photographer

Sepideh Maleki

Co-Founder / Photographer

I am an enthusiastic and respectful leader who is passionate about photography and art. I value being detail-oriented and client-focused. My adaptability and creativity empowers my team to deliver exceptional results.

alex maleki cto

Alex Maleki

Co-Founder / Developer

I am a Python enthusiast and productive leader with a passion for analytics and technology. I value accountability and being open-minded. My dependability and ability to be a thought leader empowers my team to achieve their full potential to serve our clients.

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