5 Secret Skills To Become Like-a-Pro eCommerce Photographer

Alex Maleki - Sep 2021

We are pretty sure that you are a passionate photographer that desires to make some income out of your photographs. Unfortunately, not all photography niches are well paid to actually make a living. Commercial photography is the best genre to generate income quickly, but we know that you have already noticed that it has become a slightly overcrowded place. There is a great deal of competition among commercial photographers, and to make things more complicated, there are a lot of companies and businesses covering their image necessities with stock photography services. But not everything is lost, because there is a whole niche waiting for you out there, the eCommerce Photographer.

Pro looking imagery is all about exquisite lighting and good looking arrangements, which obviously doesn’t mean expensive setups but creative and crafty solutions. There has been a recent boom in start-up business, and there is a huge market for commercial photographers with creative skills like you to deliver high quality looking products to these bursting number of ventures. Without further ado, here are 5 secrets that will make your product shots look extremely professional:

Tripod is your Best Lens

You already know that having a tripod with you is one of the best investments one can make in photography, but getting a lightweight yet sturdy tripod will make your work easier since you’ll be moving a lot outside of your studio or home.

Minimalist Lighting

This is more a mindset than a technique persé and is based around mobility rather than a specific style of lighting. Minimalist Lighting invites us photographers into the act of thinking in terms of mobility. Nowadays there are many lighting solutions out there, from the traditional expensive brands to the third party more generic solutions that work fine as well. It all will depend on your budget, the basic thing here is to find the sweet-spot between the ultimately necessary artifacts, and that you could be able to fit them all in a carryon bag.

This will make you a flexible eCommerce Photographer, able to move around to your clients’ locations or the venues that they rather use for their imagery. Imagine trying to carry on all the needed stuff from a traditional studio? That is just a nightmare. You need to be able to move around quickly and also to learn on relying on basic lighting setups with the aid of natural ambient light. If you achieve to develop this mindset, your clients will be thrilled with working with you, and they even will recommend you to other entrepreneurs.

Lifestyle Imagery

One of the biggest trends since some years now is to showcase products in an honest scenario, and what’s more honest than showing the product being used as it is intended to perform. Try to think of many ideas and craft convincing concepts that will make your clients proud of showcasing their products, after all, they are the result of huge efforts and sacrifices. Your clients will be extremely happy to see their product paring with the big brands looks at an affordable price.

Get a Macro Lens

For product photography macro lenses work very well because they are engineered for rendering at a filling ratio of 1:1, therefore they are extremely sharp and not so expensive. And of course, you can extremely close to products in order to showcase some great looking details on products.

Some Macro lenses are the quintessential hidden treasure of optics because they are super sharp, really fast when focusing, they have fast aperture capabilities, and they are extremely powerful when focusing short distance objects.

Long Exposures

Some eCommerce photography clients might be in tight budgets, especially when they are still in the “getting out there” phase with their minimum valuable product, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work for them, you just might restrain some goodies in order to lower your own production costs. One of the best ways to reduce some costs is to not use lights at all.

Wait, what? No lights? Well, no flashes at least. Try to work things out with just the available light. One of the best ways to achieve a well spread smooth light is by shooting at night with just ambient room lights on, with a tripod and long exposure settings with ISO 100 to minimize noise. The light will eventually fill the whole scene, and your tight-budgets clients will be happy with the cozy looking results.

Photography changes everything, and buying decisions are ultimately driven by appealing images of products. This isn’t new, but with eCommerce, product images are way more important nowadays. There are a lot of newborn companies starting their dreams up, and they need to showcase their fabulous products to the world. There is where you become important to them.

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