7 Helpful Tips for doing eCommerce Photography

Alex Maleki - Oct 2021

E-commerce is one of the newest trends in products marketing. Retailers have realized that many people spend a considerable amount of time online. They have taken this as an opportunity to market their products. E-commerce is very useful in products marketing. I have made significant profits since I started selling my products on eCommerce platforms. Through eCommerce, I can reach out to people who are far from my shop easily. This was not possible when I used to sell my jewelry and clothes on a traditional retail store.

Given the increased use of eCommerce platforms, I realized that I had to make products appear perfect. Competition has now migrated to online platforms. Customers buy the products that are the most appealing. Therefore, it is crucial to put the best pictures of the products as clients are very sensitive to looks. Ecommerce photography is the art of taking pictures of products for the purpose of putting them online. The following are some of the steps that I use to ensure that I gave my customers the most precise shot of the products:

1. Choose the right photographer

It is essential to engage a highly qualified eCommerce photographer to be assured of a good shot. These days it is easy to get an experienced photographers. For me, a good photographer should have all the eCommerce photography tools. This is because I sell different products and this means that I require different kind of pictures. Some of the tools necessary that an eCommerce photographer should have include white cardboard, sticky tape or glue, a rope and black cardboard.

2. Choose the best camera quality

Ecommerce is all about portraying product images in the most appealing ways possible. For this reason, I insist on a high pixel camera that will produce a clear picture. It is very easy to get a good quality camera these days at an affordable cost. A new investor who feels that a camera is way too expensive can alternatively use a smartphone. I occasionally use my smartphone for taking products’ photos and the images are as clear as ones taken with a digital camera. The smartphone should have a good camera for good quality image production.

3. Use the right camera settings

If you are not conversant with using a digital camera, I propose that you involve a photographer who will help you choose the appropriate settings for a perfect shot. Most digital cameras have some standard settings that are essential for good image quality. I recommend that you use the following settings:

a) Avoid using a wide angle lens. In product photography, a commodity should appear natural. Wide angle lens distorts the shape of the product.

b) Select the most appropriate aperture size. I use the manufacturers’ recommended aperture size for perfect pictures. A full aperture size makes it difficult to capture the whole product as it concentrates light on a small region. A narrow aperture size on the other hand capture a full field ensuring that the product entirely fits on the image.

c) Choose the appropriate white balance

A tripod stand is also vital in ensuring that the camera is held in a static position during shooting. To increase stability of the camera, a photographer can use a timer remote. This helps to control the camera without touching it to ensure that it remains static.

4. Lighting

Lighting is crucial in determining the quality of the shot. I insist that you pay close attention to the required background setting for your product photography. This goes hand in hand with the lighting setting. Different products require specific lighting settings. For example, jewelry photography will need a separate lighting setting from clothing photography. You can make a white background by attaching a white paper with a clear tape on the bottom of a transparent container. The product is placed in front of this paper.

For a perfect impression, I usually make my products appear as if they are floating. For example in jewelry photography, I tie the product with a string and suspend it from above. I then erase the string during editing and the product appears as if it is suspended in space. An alternative way is placing the product on a Plexiglas. This platform reflects the product giving it an appealing look. A Plexiglas platform can also be used when the background is dull.

5. Try different product photography techniques

I believe that no particular procedure that is standard for taking beautiful photos. It is, therefore, reasonable to try out the various methods especially if you are selling products of different sizes and colors. I vary the shooting set up depending on the number of the products that I need to fit in a single photo. For instance, when taking a picture of single jewelry, a small set up is enough. This will enable the buyer to see the more exquisite details of the product. If the product is sold in a set such as coaches, I use a large setting. This will ensure that the products are portrayed as they would appear in the customer’s room.

6. Edit and retouch the photos

After the shooting is over, the next step is editing the images. This is possible through the use of software that enhances the quality and eliminates flaws. I prefer shooting in RAW as this allows me to get photos that have a higher dynamic range making editing easy. There are numerous photo editors that you can use if you feel that your product photo requires a little tweak.

7. Be patient

This is the secret to getting perfect shots. In most cases, the initial images are not good enough for eCommerce. You can, however, get good photos by patiently tweaking the camera settings, background, and the images themselves. If you want to make your product appear perfect and attract many clients, you have to be a little more patient. This kind of photography is more sensitive than when taking personal photos. This because clients use the appearance to judge the product.

Coconut Product Photography helps many awesome retailers with their eCommerce photography. We offer best prices in the industry and each image is professionally shot and edited in our studio by our experienced staff. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you want to make an order.

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