Product photography is a crucial aspect of e-commerce, and it can significantly increase sales for eCommerce businesses. By catching the customer's attention, showcasing product features, building trust, reducing returns, and increasing conversions, good product photography can help Amazon sellers stand out in a crowded marketplace and sell more products.

Good product photography makes your products stand out from the competition and encourages them to click through to the product listing. It can also help build trust with potential customers. When customers see high-quality product photos, they feel more confident that they are getting a quality product. Conversely, if the photos are blurry or poorly lit, customers may assume the product is low quality.

Digital Cohort is a Seattle product photography studio. Since 2014, we have helped hundreds of businesses in Seattle metro area with professional product photography services.

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(per photo)

Our Pricing Includes:

  • Receiving & unpacking your products
  • Preparing for shoot
  • Taking photos
  • Basic retouching & enhancements
  • Repacking & delivery to post
  • Full web, print & advertisement license on your images

Showcasing Your Products in Stunning Detail - Product Photography at Its Finest!

seattle wa product photography portfolio


transparent photo background

Transparent Background

Add $7/photo

3 day rush service

3 Day Rush Service

Add $15/photo

hand modeling photography

Hand Modeling

Add $20/photo

adding water splash to photo

Adding Water Splash

Add $50/photo

adding measurements to photos

Adding Measurements

Add $25/photo

shadow and reflex

Shadow and Reflex

Add $7/photo

white object photography

White Object Photography

$31 /photo

black object photography

Black Object Photography

$31 /photo

reflective and glossy object photography

Reflective and Glossy Object Photography

$31 /photo

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step two create an order

Create an Order

step three send us your products

Send us your products

step four photography session

We photograph your products

step five approval and download

Approval & Download

step six we ship back your products

We ship back your products

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